About us

In an age where mass media makes, breaks and divides opinions, News Team attempts to publish news in a balanced and comprehensive format so as to facilitate informed choices. At the same time, our team does not believe in confining the role of the journalist to a mere spectator or a channel for information flow. We understand that absolute objectivity is neither possible nor ideal, and since the process of news-sifting is already a subjective process, we do not shy away from carrying critical and analytical pieces that are constructive and well-reasoned.

What helps News Team stay independent is the fact that it is driven not by profits or political objectives, but by pure passion for journalism. To sustain the website, we only invite voluntary contributions or advertisements that have no bearing on our editorial policy. Our aim in the years ahead is to develop the portal into a space for introducing new ideas, allowing dissent, encouraging two-way communication, publishing content that is often deliberately overlooked, and serve as a catalyst for positive social change.

The editorial department at News Team comprises of a robust mix of young and veteran journalists who have worked with premier multinational media houses, as well as those who have spent years in taking up local issues at the grassroots level. This helps the team select and present relevant, contextualised news with a global perspective. Headquartered at the north Indian city of Lucknow, our content contributors come from all across the country and the world.

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